What’s on for Weddings: Trendy Wedding Cakes

The classic white, tiered wedding cake will always have a place in traditional weddings. However, many modern brides and grooms are looking for ways to customize their wedding cakes and give it their personal twist. No, we’re not just talking about adding some piping or a few meringue flowers. Today’s couples might eschew the basic ornamentation in white and add color and dimension to their confections, or keep the surprise for what is inside, beneath the icing.

Bright and Beautiful
Some people do not want a white wedding, but rather one that is over the rainbow.

bright and beautiful wedding cake

Credit: Matic Zupancic

Fanciful Flavors
If you do not want to serve up plain vanilla or chocolate, there is no need to do so. This is your day to shine, so choose a cake that the guests will remember.

fanciful flavor wedding cake

Credit: Simeon Eichmann

Hipster Wedding Cake
Going creative with your wedding cake topper can lend your celebration a hipster vibe. Here are some wedding cake toppers that I found on eBay.

hipster wedding cake topper

Credit: Afonso Lima

hipster wedding cake topper

Credit: Jesper Baerentzen

A Theme Cake
If you have a color scheme or a conceptual theme for your celebration, why not extend the theme to your wedding cake?

theme wedding cake

Credit: Roger Kirby

Go International
You do not need to have a destination wedding to give your special day an international accent. Serve a traditional wedding confection from a foreign locale, such as France’s dramatic croquembouche or a Caribbean fruitcake composed of dried fruit and laced with rum or sherry.

Croquembouche, credit: Eric Baker

Two Controversial Wedding Cake Trends
While bakers might include a base layer of Styrofoam to steady the wedding cake and give it height, some weddings eschew the cake altogether. Instead, they present a gorgeous, stylishly decorated work of art that may or may not have real icing disguising towers made of foam molds. This trend has sparked hot debate amongst the foodies on the popular blog Chowhound, but some wedding bloggers say fake cakes photograph better and you can still serve sheet cake or another dessert to your hungry guests.

Finally, there is one last wedding cake trend has been generating some backlash as of late. Where do you stand on the cupcake-tower-as-cake issue? Take into account that people firmly in the “no” camp include the experts at Grub Street, among others, who have declared that the love affair with cupcakes has ended. Tell this to the ardent cupcake tower fans over at Pinterest.

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