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What’s Hot for Summer 2014 Weddings: 4 Top Trends

Some brides and grooms adore formal ballroom receptions, white rose centerpieces, embossed invitations, and tiered cakes for their weddings, regardless of the current trends or the season. However, in 2014, summer weddings are seeing some lighter touches, as well as more modern options for the big event. Make your wedding day memorable with one of these hot summer trends.

1. Take It Outside
Summer is the season for outdoor weddings. This one seems like a no-brainer. However, the 2014 trend entails bringing more of the indoors outdoors. Couples are creating outdoor lounge areas under canopies, featuring cushioned seating, ottomans, rustic wooden tables, and lanterns.

Over at the Black Bride website, Atlanta event stylist Timeesha Duncan recommends enhancing your reception space with statement pieces such as contemporary mirrored tabletops or, for a nighttime fete, chandeliers.

Outdoor Wedding, Credit: Amy at treespacestudio

2. Bright is Beautiful
Billy Idol might have sung, “It’s a nice day for a white wedding” but, the fact is, brilliant colors and high-contrast combinations are hot for Summer 2014 weddings. A major trend has been to combine coral and mint. Some couples use the colors on select linens or floral centerpieces against a more minimalist white backdrop, while others embrace the colors as their main décor.

Brian Worley, one of the owners of Your BASH! Event Production, points out on the Bridal Guide website that summer weddings can afford to be more brilliant in hue particularly if they are outdoors and the couple opts to depend more on natural light instead of bright lighting. He says, “Outdoor weddings will pull upon vibrant colors to act as natural electricity.”

A Bright Outdoor Wedding, Credit: David Higgs

3. It’s a Bling Thing
A trend that has taken over the aisles in 2014 is swapping out the traditional bridal bouquet for something with a bit more bling, the jewel bouquet. A collection of vintage brooches, wired together and wrapped in fabric, has funky charm. Rhinestones accented with organdy ribbon look ever-so-luxe, while more understated brides might mix together their flowers with just a few shiny baubles, or even a strand of pearls. Here are some vintage brooches I found on ebay.

The Learning Channel’s guide to DIY weddings recommends using jewelry from family members to create a sentimental, custom piece, or making a stylish splash with cocktail rings, waterfall earrings, pendants, or gem-crusted hat pins.

4. Go Boho
Compose your own Bohemian Rhapsody with a fantasy wedding at the beach. Summer is the time for a coastal-theme event, complete with sea glass spilled across tabletops and a hodgepodge of vintage glass jars filled with shells, foliage, and wildflowers.

Bohemian Wedding, Credit: Maria Panayiotou