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InterContinental The Clement Hotel Monterey wedding :: Sandra & Yi-Jen

InterContinental The Clement Hotel Monterey wedding

Sandra and Yi-Jen are such a sweet couple, and documenting their wedding was an honor and a pleasure for me. It was a beautiful, super fun day at The InterContinental The Clement Hotel on Cannery Row in Monterey. Liz Larroque and all the great staff there do such a great job! There were so many beautiful moments during the day, and so much Love in the air.

Thanks guys for having me!

Monterey wedding photography Mike Danen

Wedding ring Monterey

Wedding vows

Wedding dress The Clement

Groomsmen InterContinental Monterey

Bride InterContinental The Clement

Guests seating cards The Clement Monterey

Ceremony InterContinental Monterey

Reception InterContinental Monterey

Bride & Groom kissing Monterey

Wedding Cake cupcakes Monterey

The Clement InterContinental Monterey wedding

First Dance Monterey wedding

Smashing Destination Weddings

Whether you prefer the canals of Venice, Celtic castles, or the temples of Bali, you can find a wedding locale to make your day memorable. Forget cookie cutter weddings and dime-a-dozen trends – destination weddings are singular events. Yes, more rustic or out-of-the-way locales demand incredible attention to detail, but the planners have you covered, offering onsite staff with local expertise. The toughest part of your smashing destination wedding may be determining where to have it. We provide a virtual tour of intriguing and special places around the world, below. Join us!

Cruise to the Caribbean

The Wedding Channel names The Caribbean as one of the top hotspots for a destination wedding. The access to beaches, generally gorgeous weather, ease of traveling there, and comparative affordability are among the region’s winning qualities. Consider the isle of Antigua, boasting a different beach for every day of the year (seriously, 365 beaches), many with the striking turquoise water that photographs perfectly. Caribbean Journal recommends a ceremony and part in Nassau, Bahamas where one option is to reserve a private island for your party.

Caribbean Wedding
Photo: “Hut on Jetty” by Artur84

Dive Into the Exotic in Bali
Unparalleled natural backdrops are a primary draw of a Bali destination wedding. MSN Living found a hillside Balinese resort in Payangan that gave guests a view of forests and tropical plans peeking through mountain mist. Planning is simple with wedding packages and all-inclusive resorts, but couples seeking something more individualized can book cliffside villas, luxury spas, or even a private jetty.

Bali Wedding
Photo: “Bali Pool at Dusk” by Papaija2008

Living the Fairytale
It’s time to start your happily-ever-after. Castles in the British Isles have you covered, including Ashford Castle in County Galway. The Travel Channel identifies this 800-year–old edifice as one of Ireland’s most popular locales for destination weddings due to its brilliant gold leaf interior and expansive grounds. In Scotland, Dalhousie Castle captivates wedding parties with its lavish furnishings and the option to dine in its ancient dungeons.

Photo: “Ashford Castle” by Celtic Castles

Beyond Istanbul
The Ottoman architecture and ancient ruins of Istanbul are otherworldly backdrops for a wedding, but you can go further off the beaten track and have your destination wedding in the Anatolian region of central Turkey. Here you will find Cappadocia, a historic area boasting a dramatic rocky landscape. A regional guide in The Independent explains that eras of wind and rain have carved gorges in volcanic deposits. Locals dug into these “fairy chimneys” to create underground cities elaborate cave architecture. Have a ceremony in a medieval church or at a vineyard and spend the night in a gorgeously appointed cave hotel.


Photo: “View of Cappadocia” by Mila Zinkova